Make Towers count as wall segments for visual purposes

It’s kinda hard to describe what I mean, so look at this screenshot I mocked up:

Right now, it looks like the left version. I’d really prefer it to look like the right version, instead. I think it would look a lot better.



Just use off grid placement.

The right side looks much better. I agree with it!

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How do you mean? Can you elaborate the process?

Pressing Ctrl + G once allows for off grid placement of units. Pressing it again allows for stacking units and off grid placement together.

Place a wall as you would normally then only the corner part becomes tall wall.Then select the tower press ctrl+g till it becomes yellow now you can place the tower on top of the wall segments to get the desired effect just like your picture.

You can use the off grid placement to make cool looking things by mix and match

I think this is for building walls, not placing them in the editor.