Make underused techs universal

This post is kinda making changes for the sake of making changes, but I think you might agree with them.

I notice that there are some cheap technologies losing or having which doesn’t affect balance in 99% cases. I wish that these techs are simply available to every civilization.

  1. Sappers - ever since Sappers has been changed it has become more useful, going from absolutely useless to useful in some cases, that too because it does not cost gold.

  2. Herbal Medicine - idk about this one, it is of prime importance to campaign players, but other than that, the higher your elo the rarer you will use this. Theoretically this technology is useful for mounted archers (except the Ele Archer maybe), because these types of units retain numbers and being mobile helps them make up for the time they are garrisoned.

In addition to this, I was thinking that maybe Herbal Medicine can be given an additional effect that Monks heal 100% faster too (inspired by AoE4), but that can be discussed or atleast thought of.


I would add Treadmill Crane to that list and give it to all civs who don’t have a building bonus. And Heated Shot.

Okay heated shot can be a good one. Treadmill Crane isn’t very useful in RM, but is of prime importance in DM, so its absence or presence matters.

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