Make unranked multiplayer great again

Hi, if anyone of us has played team unranked multiplayer, we all had those annoying teammates, who has no idea how to advance to next age, who is a quitter as soon as battle start, who doesn’t know how to train counter units ans so on… this result in lots and lots of multiplayer team game turn into 2v3, 3v4, 2v4. This discourage many players from playing unranked games.

Playing ranked is not the answer since you can’t choose map and settings. We really need a solution for this. Either implement unranked queue that matches up players of similar level and allows game configurations, or make it possible to view Win/Lost/Total/ELO in-game. Atm we have to rely on but this is unofficial and is unknown to lots of players.

Personally, It would be very nice to see unranked auto matches so we can just alt tab to youtube or pornhub :joy: :rofl: while waiting for our game to be automatically created for us. You want to implement QoL improvements, automation… then this is where it proves to be useful. We players just wanna play a good fun balance game, we don’t wanna spend 30mins waiting for right players, we don’t wanna spend 20mins searching for the right lobby to join.

So devs, we beseechingly, piteously ask you to come up with a solution as suggested, or unranked multiplayer will be sucks for life.

Matchmaking = Ranked

How would you implement an unranked matchmaking? How would the system know how to match players against each other?

Why not? 2 solutions for this. 1st, if a new player, ask them to play a few ranked matches for an ELO estimation. 2nd, we can still keep Win/Lose counts but the stat is undisclosed and just available to the unranked auto matchmaking algorithm. There are so many posibilities?

Oh and don’t forget we need ingame stats as well

So basically just ranked without showing rating?

2 solutions. 1st one is not. 2nd one is.