Making only one unit and expecting to win

‘I made only one unit type and lost. This unit is clearly weak and needs a buff.’

This literally seems to be the mindset some people have. They expect one unit to counter everything. A perfect example, a war elephant/battle elephant. They scream that their elephants are dying due to halbs. You will need to mix in some other units to counter its weaknesses.

We literally have people thinking some units are weak. Organ Guns for example. They are weak and whatever. Suddenly when you put a few halbs in front of them they are much stronger. The halbs keep the knights distracted while the Organ Guns shotgun blast repeatably into the knights, without harming their own allies. The enemy tries to use skirmishers to counter the Organ Guns. The Organ Guns laugh at them as they melt them. Whereas Hand Cannoneers would take significant damage from skirmishers. Organ Guns have lower damage than Hand Cannoneers, but a mass of them is like a shotgun blast, damaging units in a wide area.


You’d be surprised/disgusted to know that the vast majority of games <900 ELO are won by entirely Paladin armies backed only by Castle drops.

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I think a single unit Spam could win games.
In perfect weather, any unit is dangerous.
The Malayan elephant rush is really difficult to counter if you don’t expect it; The new Sicilian and Bohemian spams with their UU are difficult to counter if you are unprepared. Even Huskarl spam can win games at the beginning of the Castle Age with low Elos

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Bohemian UU? Isn’t the Hussite Wagon notoriously worthless? Honestly I’ve never used it or encountered opponents using it either, so I can’t say personally, but it’s the butt of many jokes…

I didn’t watch the last one, but timing is everything.

Isn’t useless, is actually a broken UU that can be incredibly too opressive because if played under that low eco games the only viable counters are Monks with Redemption and Mangonels, but the Bohemian player can simply use the time bought to get their own Monks to make your mangos and monks useless again.

Hussite Wagons are actually completely unstoppable if used well.

YouPudding is not a single unit spam. It’s the Donjons and the Sargents that makes it so deadly. Melee + ranged.

Of course you can come up with extreme examples but overall single units spam only work if the enemy hasn’t scouted. If you know what’s coming, every strategy can be countered. So I agree 100%; almost all the complaints on here about units being weak or OP is due to the lack of scouting and lack of preparation from the players complaining.