Making Revolutions competitive - Put them in FORTRESS

I love the new revolution mechanic and even started some strats to think how to use the revolution mechanics (example, ports and brasilians are excelent due to the TC spaming super strelets).

But the question that i put is, isnt revolution a little bit too late?

Yes this mechanic was entirely rewritten (and this time into a well thought model), but the issue is that The bonus it does provide, do not hold up against an imperial upgrade(if a game drags either in 2v2 or 3vs3), revolution will most of the times continue to be a last resort solution.

So, and to make it more playable, why not transfer it one age up to Fortress. Think about it. The price is the same as Industrial (3000 resources) some of the bonus of the revolutions also are in pair with industrial (factories, forts new anti unit artillery)
But above all, it gives the option to the player to either get those sweet Redcoats, Jinetes or Gendarmes, or to, for example, go in an entire different direction. Voluntarios da patria spam for example. And that direction is not bad also, because of the settler cards in the revolt decks.

Above all, it would change entirely how the strategies would develop, as nowadays you rarely use revolution (more due to the lateness of the game) as a Portuguese Player for example could go for mass genitours Jinetes, or for example go Brasil and spam those voluntários

This is a broadstrokes idea, and i dont have the numbers (yet) to demonstrate the equivalence of revolution to Fortress. But i Guess that would introduce and even make competitive a really cool (but underlooked aspect of the game)

I agree that the revolution option cannot compete with aging to age5, even though they are remade. But I am afraid moving it to fortress will be too beneficial to those FF civs. I think a more proper way will be increasing the opponent cost of aging to imperial age, like 5000f5000c instead of 4000f4000c, to make the revolution option more competitive in gameplay.

Even playing against the AI, it’s easy to see that the revolutions are overall not on the same level as going imperial. I don’t think this is too bad though, the Revolutions are meant to be a sort of a risky shift in strategy while the Imperial Age is the “safe choice”, some nerfs to the imperial age bonuses and some buffs to some of the more underwhelming revolutions should balance the problem.