Making the Campaigns harder

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is a slide bar for difficulty. 0%-100% (could maybe even go high? Maybe 1000%, I can imagine the YouTube thumbnails now). If you move it up all enemies get that % added to their hp/attack. This would only be available on Hard, and a “Beaten on hard at 28% (or whatever number) would be displayed on whatever mission you beat with that percentage. Naturally it would move up so if you later came back and beat it on 250% that would become the new thing.

I’ve had fun with the campaigns over the years, but I’m a better player than back when I almost exclusively played against the computer. Most of the campaigns are pretty easy now.

If possible, a leaderboard for each campaign mission could be really cool. Maybe for that to work you’d have to just replace the slide bar with a typing interface. Would be fun to look and wonder how someone beat the last level of the India campaign with the enemy having a 10000% stats boost on all their military units or something ridiculous like that. Obviously you’d have to disable cheats in this advanced difficulty mode.


Maybe just add a more difficulty mode…easy, medium, hard and extreme…

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