Malay in EW

Malay should start with 2 extra vills in EW mode in compensation for their bonus of age faster


Maybe the solution is to start the game just as feudal research is at 0% rather than at feudal age itself. Not sure where i read this but i liked this idea very much. Will give a small window for players to scout and plan. But, the downside is that the game might become a wall fest.

From what I’ve heard, another selling point is that you start in Feudal Age, so you can make military straight away. I’d rather see Malay bonus somehow else incorporated into the mode, than reworking the entire mode just to fit Malay in.

Starting with two extra vills is just Bengalis and Chinese, now, so I don’t think how that’s particularly fun either. The difference has also been villager work time, which won’t be present in EW.


The EW mode is importing additional vills from the Mayans and Chinese from the Dark to Feudal Ages; Bengalis are gaining 2 extra vills for their bonus.
Somehow I feel that the Malay should be rewarded in the same way. If you think about it, even the Italians should be given some extra resources for the 15% cheaper advance

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I understand from where you are coming. But shouldn’t Mongols also get 100 food extra as they lose a whole boar? And Goths with 1 more villager but -50 food. And Portuguese with 5 seconds more TC time.

EW is completely different mode of game, just like DM. Malay is not getting more villagers in DM, nor Italians or Byzantines getting extra resource.


As I said, yes. The thing with Malay is, you can make more villagers and go up the same age, or you can go up earlier for earlier military presence. You don’t get that choice in EW if that is made for you. You still get the bonus in Castle and Imperial age, though. Is the civ weak in EW? Probably - I don’t have much/any experience in it. Are there some civs that are stronger in certain modes and weaker in others? Yes - see: Magyars being very good in EW while weak in 1v1s. Same way some civs are designed to be stronger on certain maps and weaker on others.

I think that design choice is fine. Malay can still achieve quick uptimes to Castle Age for powerspikes (though, now with Archer-line nerfs they too are nerfed even further). You don’t need to split the hairs too much, I’d say even Mayans/Chinese were fine without the vill change, but they made it for consistency sake. Malay are a hair too far from it.

Malay should not be rewarded because EW basically starts by clicking Feudal Age. Thus any age up-related bonuses carry over, but Dark age bonuses shouldn’t.

If you want to give Malay extra Vills (1 extra btw, not 2) then Mongols and Britons should get extra food from the Boars and sheep gathered in Dark age, Celts the extra wood etc. In the end, the goal of EW is also to shake up the Arabia meta a bit and make you see civs you wouldn’t see otherwise, like Magyars and Saracens. There will always be winners and losers anyway.


Malay advance to feudal in 78 ish seconds as opposed to the normal 130, they save 52 secodn which is just over 2 villagers. I agree with the rest of you comment tho.

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Aren’t these all, as you mentioned, Dark age bonus? So, why even count then? Malay bonus affects age up process itself. If you consider EW starts at the moment Feudal age research is completed, then there is a good argument for providing 2 vills to Malay, since they would have reached Feudal age ~1m ago.

Considering Malay is weakish on EW (Correct me if I’m wrong), isn’t it a good idea to buff then a bit even if logic is bit wonky?

This is such a contradictory sentence. If you consider EW starts when Feudal age research is started then they will arrive ~1m earlier to Feudal. So per your statement, Malay should be awarded a 1m head start!!!

In EW they don’t get the villager lead but they don’t have to go through the hurdle of managing the usual lack of ressources they suffer from aging up fast either, so it’s kinda balanced out.