Mali is Amazing

just tried them out and they seem fun and very unique.


Yes, they have awesome landmarks than Ottomans. They are so unique.

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you can already play the new factions?

Weird, I dont have them and game seems up -todate

The Malians are now my favorite nation :slight_smile:

I have to say, Malians are currently the best designed civ so far in the game. They have a full roster of unique units with their own quirks and abilities. Even the standard archer, has the poison attacks to seperate them from the other civs. They go their own way.

No horsemen but upgradeable scouts, Sofa horsemen feels unique in their own and has some nice visual differences before and after imported armors upgrade.

The Musofadi and the Donso along with the Javelin throwers feels fresh and interesting. It just has that difference, in some cases might be smaller differences, but it just feels like playing something more unique.

Going forward with new civs and updates to the old civs (perhaps further in the future), this is the way to go forward in my opinion. More of this, please.

I came to play the Ottomans and stayed for the Malians, is my initial impression.


In Steam library, right click AOE 4 on the left side of the screen, click Properties, Beta, then select the Beta from the drop down. Close it out without entering the access code cause you don’t need it.

I dont play the ottomans but from your thoughts devs … up making ottomans. I hope this is not true. Worst landmarks and bad making civ. This is too much.


Imagine if HRE, Delhi,RUs etc had more unique units and mechanics, pretty sure more people will be playing the game…

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