Malian team bonus

There are a few civs that I have issues with the team bonus. However, I would like to look at malians specifically.

So, the malian team bonus is 80% research speed for universities. There are a few reasons I despise this.

  1. In normal games, this is really only used for rushing chemistry for gunpowder units.
  2. In speed games where all factions start post imperial, and research isn’t a thing its pointless.

So either the malians let one side coordinate an extremely powerful power spike (and it just gets worse when malians have gunpowder civ allies) or else they have a worthless ability.

In the meantime, camels are sitting in a corner. There is no point to having more than a single camel civ in team games. Everyone is rushing knights and not camels. Why? Knights are better than camels.

Anyways, what if the malian team passive were “All camels get +1 attack” And the Farimba tech were nerfed by 1 to be to +4 damage for all cavalry. So, the malians are missing the blast furnace tech. Their camels are not OP with this change. In fact, its a slight nerf to the malians 1v1. However, in team games with berbers, saracens, indians and other camel civs, the malians would now have excellent synergy, just like turks do with gunpowder civs.

I think most people like Malians TB to be honest.

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Giving +1 attack to camels isn’t going to do anything at all, if the intended purpose is having more than just one player using them.
Camel suck because for a 60G unit they are terrible at raiding, die easily to arrows AND even to pikes/champs in equal numbers. Unless an enemy goes heavily on cavalry there is literally ZERO reason to go camels at all.

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The current teambonus is also good for the ballistics power spike

And i like it for masonry fortified walls, etc, when the enemy start pushing my base. It can save you.

Regarding postimperial games, that issue happens with lots of civ bonuses or even teambonuses (portuguese, ethiopians, bulgarians…)


This is rarely a good idea. It’s rare that you’d really need more than 1 camel civ in a team game. (Can happen, but it’s really not that common)

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