Malta cannon emplacements need nerfed

These are so op and are starting to be heavily lamed. I suppose I can live with them as just another game element that busts me up but they have one aspect that simply isn’t right.

If you lose your tc they plant one of these in your town and proceed to quickly level every building in their very long range. It’s quick and covers a large area and dismantles all of your original infrastructure at the same time allowing their army to march around killing whatever you try to rebuild.

It doesn’t cost them anything but a cannon and frees up their army absolutely while a very strong unit crushes everything around it.


The expectation to easy come back from a tc loss and a 7 pop stationary cannon protected by a sizable army planted in its place is a little too much, don’t you think?


That’s the point I suppose. These things tear through buildings and troops. When you are weakened and pushed out of your tc area you almost always need some time to get an army back together. Early in the game you have little chance of pushing that thing out of your town by itself let alone with any troops around it.

I guess it’s a flashback to the old castle drop tactic of aoe2 now that it occurs to me.

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I often do an actual castle in aoe3 as well.

Thing is the castle drop was useless against buildings. They took forever to take down a building. These cannon only need a couple shots for a house

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Maybe they should have a 0.1 multiplier vs buildings. I mean, they are supposed to be defensive

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Seems more appropriate

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Ridiculous, have you played malta and if so to what level? The fixed gun is very underwhelming, the age 3 fixed gun shipment is only worth 700 res like an age 2 shipment. The gun in age 3 has very poor range and culvs destroy it very quickly, it’s also expensive and costs 7 population which I feel is too much. They can also just be sieged at close range if left unprotected.
Also the scenario in which you’ve lost your tc and they have time to build a fixed gun in the centre of your base is an extremely rare one and it’s never happened to me.


I’ll take that with a grain of salt because you have proven time and again that you pretty much mostly use broken civs and defend them at all costs.


Malta is widely considered a weaker civ and the highest I’ve seen it on any tier list is a B tier so take that with your salt.


You has a part of reason, I think that originalknot has often defended mechanics that are not very pleasant from civs like inca, japan, malta… but I think that he has a good knowledge of the game and almost always provides very correct opinions.

After watching several matches in the Kings of the old world tournament, I don’t know what to think about Malta. On one hand he looks weak, on the other hand he looks really powerful and maddening with his stationary weapons and exploding buildings (which made KaiserKlein lose, although he also lost before against Inca and his advanced fort, when you have to adopt other strategies in those situations ).

Anyway, these mechanics of garrison, exploiting… reward the turtle too much, it is much more easier to defend than to attack. And this disgusts me.


I think we’re only even seeing malta be played because you must win with either italy or malta in the tournament, without that rule I’d be surprised if we saw either italy or malta even once.

Malta is a civ that can be annoying but most of it’s things like commandery’s teleporting units or the depots actually being effective isn’t common. I’ve not seen anyone transport units with commandery’s since release just because they are very expensive and the tongue cards cost too much for a unit that has no upgrades, you’ll normally just see 1 commandery from the german tongue card.

The game of kaiserklein vs aykin was lost by kaiserklein at the 15 minute mark if you check the video, he was in the maltese base with a large army and falconets and malta had nothing yet kaiser just goes back and gives him time to rebuild. The depots didn’t have any real effect other than being annoying because kaiser could have destroyed the base and won the game easily. Equally no fixed guns were even built by malta in that high level game.


So just say you don’t know much about the specific topic rather than throwing out the blanket defense that maltas weak and I don’t see anyone play it.

That isn’t very informed.

I remember you constantly saying swedes were weak and everyone remembers your opinions on the natives

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At the 1300•1400 level Malta and Italy are very common

I find the cannon itself not to be the problem tbh but the forts and towers backed up by cannons.

Atleast when I played against this kind of strat, the cannon was the easier thing to deal with, its the fort that effectively constrains your ability to do stuff. Cav rushing in, even dragoons or even muskets in stagger mode can trade effectively against the cannon.

by the time the cannon is actually built the game is sorta already over.

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I’m not talking about the cannon in general cause. I’m talking about it planted in groups of your buildings as a super cheap early mortar.

hmm i dont really see that happening cause that implies either

a)the person is planting it down forward on its own, which is a free win for other other player, like muskets can take it down

b) they already have other defensive emplacements or troop mass forward and effectively have map control, which goes back to my earlier point

they are still tagged as artillery, super vulnerable to goon type unit or a single culv

I would maybe just increase its build time to make it more contestable

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I guess time will tell.

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I may have a different opinion to others but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong, I don’t remember talking much about sweden on here but if I did then I’m sure it was about how they weren’t unbeatable and svea carded caroleans still lost to skirmishers with CIR which was true.
As for natives I remember saying many times how inca were fine and people needed to adapt, inca recently got nerfed anyway and now in everyones tier list it’s either the worst civ or second worst after portugal, so that was a huge mistake. I said it if you’re going to nerf the huaracas and stronghold then buff something else or they’ll be useless and now they are useless (other than a map dependant native rush).

As for the OP, I’m not very informed on it because I’ve never had someone destroy my town centre and build a fixed gun in the middle of my town. If your tc has been destroyed it’s usually over and if it’s not then why do they have 20 seconds to build a fixed gun in the centre of your base?

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