Malta's complete problem

Oops, I dropped this:

It’s the closest unit in stats, remember that the Fixed gun is a combo between a Bombard, an Outpost and even a Mortar/Monitor (In age 3), all 3 have a reason to exist, so does the Fixed Gun.

If they didn’t have minimum range or if they could move, they would be OP.
Their main use, is seizing a position for defense or pressure.

Use that as you will…

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Um…It also works in 3344 team game, a good location can help you to defend a lot, even front base, while 2 falcs can’t do.
I can only say again this requires more marco.


Casual army of Malta vs casual army of Europe. Complete vulnerabilities or insufficient quantities. Outside the base it will always lose.
The developers also propose to dilute this army with 4 pop pistoliers.

I don’t believe that’s a logical assertion. Armored Pistols are super strong at release of KotM. They were found to be super op and later nerfed (perhaps too much, though they are still usable in 1v1 and are probably balanced there as a 1-time massive power spike). Just because you have access to a merc doesn’t mean it’s good to use throughout the game (speaking in accord with reality, you don’t have to like it, but it’s what it is).

If you look back over the history of the game, Mercs didn’t scale into age 5 until DE. That change was probably a mistake. Mercs were always power spikes shipments until DE (you had the Saloon starting with TWC, but they didn’t upgrade and it was rarely worth training them) and the idea that they should be anything other than power spikes has probably created more problems than it solved. Having said that, this is an entirely different topic.


There is so much wrong with this
No scaling for malta
No equal res
No defensive positioning
Ig if someone bad manners in a corner on a huge map this could happen.

Res vs eco vs pop vs scaling is needed. AOE3 is a complex game. You need to understand it before making all these sweeping generalizations

P.s. dont try to musk falc everyone with a xbow pike civ. God forbid we make unit counters


I’m not suggesting changing their characteristics. I’m just saying that the population cost needs to be replaced by the building limit. The tower should not cost the population.
According to one of my opponents, the gun works great, but it is impossible to counterattack with an army of 20 people.

What does the cost of the population give us? It gives us the ability to build many or few fixed guns. Nobody ever builds more than 3 fixed guns. This makes no sense. The opportunity is not used.

I completely agree. I couldn’t understand your post on my own, so I asked Google for help, but even Google Translator couldn’t translate your message. Since I understood very roughly what was written in the first half, I will answer only the second.

So. Generalization point. What we have at the moment: every time the developers tried to create a civilization different from the European one (the classic set of troops and economy), the result was either unviable garbage or an autowin civ. Having seen this problem, I decided that the situation could be corrected by fitting all non-standard civilizations to the classical model. You may not agree with me, but in all these years no other solution has been taken.

Ah… Why is everyone so worried about me?)

I’m fine, thank you!

Fixed gun is not outpost. Fixed gun kills falcs cav that a normal falcs can’t do. They should cost pop.
It is also unnecessary to put fixed gun everywhere, just sell the useless one if it is not in the frontline or protecting resource.

Your middle paragraph is assuming fixed gun only cost 7 pop 700 resources to counter at least 20 pop 2000 resources (don’t know what unit it is but at least not bow pike)…that is almost triple resource and pop. I can’t see why this is reasonable for you.
Even a falcs cost 500 resource can’t counter 10 pikes 800 resources, if you just put them in solo fight without army combination.

At the end, if you really struggle Malta so weak, why don’t you choose one civ you think is OP, you will feel better.


if they lost pop cost then they could replace outposts with a limit of 2 or 3, otherwise the Maltese defense would be way to strong

Without a combination with an army, a fixed gun is just a house (mininum range).

Fine. Kills… With losses. 3 falconets can kill only 1.5 fixed gun.

34 pop limit

Second try

That is why. I would simply choose another civilization and would not write anything on the forum, as 99% of other players did. :person_shrugging:

Wven tho the statement is just ignorant it should atleast make something click in your head that it would be a good idea to use your buildings in combination with units…

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To fence one cannon with houses you need to build 12 of them, if that’s what you’re talking about.

I said units not buildings. Use army combined with the gun for proper effect

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Why would you use CASSADORS TO DEFEND FIXED GUNS?! that only works if the opponent makes dragoons, not heavy cav. Fixed guns will take care of infantry just fine. What should actually be defending them is hospitallers.

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But I don wanna Xbow/Pike. I wanna shoot gun gun and use fire balls.

Dude said that fixed gun is ancav unit.

unironically play china then :stuck_out_tongue:

I have. They’re like playing on ez mode😂 got to 1600 without even knowing what the heck I was doing. Just had massive army some how XD

Fixed gun is certainly not anticav, but it can weaken cavalry.