Mameluke seems op in FFA or 2v2v2v2

Most civs don’t have a good counter to mamelukes. Camels work but in large mass it is hard to engage fight. Onagers get 1 shot, arbalesters dont do that well either. They are soft counter only. There are some specific units like genoese crossbow, camel archer, chu ko nu, that can kill them. But it is limited to a few specific civs. Btw saracens get SO with some buffs too.

The removal of archer armour class seems make them very op in late game. I see quite often a low skilled players pick saracens and despite being behind most of the game, once he managed to survive until late game, the mass mameluke is unkillable.

Don’t tell me they are bad in 1v1, of course i know what I am talking about. In FFA, or amazon, or 2v2v2v2, some specific game mode that allow lower skilled player survive to late game, mameluke is almost auto win, despite good players have better eco or micro.

One example I played an FFA with a 1400 elo magyar player and a 800 elo saracen player yesterday. When only they left in the map, it becomes a 1v1, Magyar player has better score and more map control. However they both saved up a lot of gold and Magyars are unable to kill mass mameluke, eventually the score flipped and saracens player won.

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They might be broken in those game modes, but here’s the thing… the game isn’t balanced around those game modes. The game is balanced, first and foremost, around 1v1 Arabia, particularly high level 1v1 Arabia. So I wouldn’t expect any changes if I were you.

Yeah i know. But giving mames archer armour back doesn’t hurt 1v1 arabia too much as you don’t see that unit anyway. And reduce the op of mames in those game modes. Maybe cav archer armour, or regular archer armour or both. I think the old mameluke was fine. I don’t know why they removed archer armour to buff them. But it did not buff them on 1v1 as it is still not viable in 1v1, instead it is hugely buffed for FFA

It’s a bit less not viable on 1v1 now, so it was actually an improvement.

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Mamelukes get countered by Halb + Onagers. If they dive to snipe your Onagers (which puts them also in Onager range and in danger of losing all Mamelukes), your Halberdiers will get to chew them down.

They are so expensive of a unit that it’ll end up being a favourable trade either way.

Archer armor rendered the unit useless, so I’m glad it’s gone.

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