Mameluke tweak (logical)

A lot of people have been complaining about the Archer Armor of Mamelukes and a lot of people have been defending that there needs to be some trash counter, so I have a middle ground.

  1. Remove archer armor class from Mamelukes
  2. Skirmishers (Elite/Imperial) gain +4 (+5/+6) against the Mameluke armor class (this armor class already exists).

So the change is that Skirmishers throughout the line get +1 attack bonus to Mamelukes to preserve the trash counter argument, Huskarls, Persian Knights and (strangely) Cannon Galleons do not get an attack advantage against the Mamelukes.

It is upto the devs if the Genitours get an attack bonus against Mamelukes.


Amazing. After Huskarls, Persian Knights and Cannon Galleons deal no more bonus damage against Mamelukes they should be in a pretty good spot. That’s the change they need :smiley:


It is more about people complaining “why is the mamuluke an archer?”

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And yes, the Huskarl one is a huge change.

Mamelukes against Goths happens when:

-you’re so far ahead you can flex on them (because you know you don’t make anti-cav against infantry duh)

-you’re in DM and you somehow survived getting Goth spammed early. Then mameluke + siege onager absolutely destroys everything anyway.

-TG ig, but then your teammates can cover you.

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Proposed this like 6 months ago. And happened nothing.

They literally fixed why dismounted Konnik had more LOS than regular Konnik. So you know the priorities … 11

Well in RM, Mamelukes are a great raiding unit…

If you can afford the gold cosr + stone investment

If for some reason you want to raid with mamelukes it’s not huskarl that will stop them 11


This is literally a nerf, they take +4 at the moment why would you make it +5/+6??? If anything it should be reduced, if you want to buff the unit.
Huskarls, Persian Knights, and Cannon Galleons’ bonuses vs Mamelukes is completely irrelevant. Mamelukes shred Huskarls anyway and obvs same for Persian Knights. Cannon Galleons is obviously irrelevant.

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I think he just made a mistake. He tried to mean +3/+4/+5.

This is called “Legacy”.

Still more sensible reason for balance changes than some of the ones in the game lmao

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As someone whose favorite unit is the Mameluke, I have to say I do not like the proposed change. As written, it is a nerf to Mameluke. I’ll be the first to admit that Mameluke is OP, but the going consensus is that they need a buff not a nerf :slight_smile: