Mamelukes are the most expansive UU in the game and one of the worst

This Unique unit is so cool, who would have thought a cutter on a camel would even exist. However, They get destroyed by camels most units in the game and they don’t excel at killing frank paladins. Its for sure on mamelukes side but its not as epic as it seems. They get destroyed by towers, town centers, castle because they have camel armor class, they get destroyed by halbs because they are mounted armor class, they get destroyed by skirms because they have mameloukes armor class which takes extra damage from anti archer attacks. They get destroyed by huskarls, teutonic knights, cataphracts. They get destroyed by camels since they dont deal extra damage to camels only cavalry. They are too weak to be worth the most expansive unit in the game and they take a lot fo time to produce in the castle. This unit needs a rework or something. Archers also counters them easily. Massed scorpions, onagers etc… this unit have really low armor, and is not super fast. You think saracens would counter franks until he starts making thorwing axeman and skirms etc…

Anyways its my opinion will be happy to hear yours <3

“They get destroyed by towers, town centers, castle because they have camel armor class” -> this has been fixed since African Kingdoms. For some reason Town Centers and Towers still have +1 bonus damage against Camels though (at least according to the Wiki). But it used to be way more, especially with Heated Shot.

But I agree that too many units have a bonus damage against mamelukes. They aren’t archers, so they shouldn’t be in the archer armor class and take bonus damage from Skirmishers. Now they are hard-countered by too many units.


Yep, This is one of my favourite units in game, but actually I just train them in TG games with a huge adventage and just for my personal pleasure, not for the inpact in the battle. It is similar to Jaguar Warrior in my experience.

I would give more HP, and speed. And reduce its cost, becouse, for cheap anti cavalry it is the camel. Mamelouk should be somenthing more power, no just a Ranged Camel imo

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They have archer armor class because they are incredibly strong when massed. Just imagine, if a Persian player manages to have 120 war elephants, how do you kill that army? You want to say halbs right? Yes, massive bonus damage. But you’d need to spam halbs for so long to stall elephant long enough (if possible) before you got any chance. But, Mamelukes melt war elephants. What unit would people build to counter if Saracen manages to get 40 Mamelukes? No archer armor class means skirmishers can’t counter them. Giving Mameluke armor class simply means a lot of units will have various bonus damage against them. Halbs have 60 bonus damage against elephants because they are scary when massed. Mamelukes needs numerous counters because they are scary when massed.


Are you complaining about Mamelukes not being good in post-imp trash wars? If not the linked video is not relevant at all as it works with unequal ressources. From the description: “100 Food or 100 Wood = 17”.
Why didn’t you link this video instead?

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you mean like FU cataphracts that no one uses?

you know what is ACTUALLY scary when massed…? paladins… because they got the upgrade/unit prices and productivity right… you know things like mamelukes hardly see the light of day so dont pretend like they’re that amazing


hey guys! FYI the TK is the best counter for mamelukes :rofl: omg if there was one aoe youtuber i could ban it would be this guy and the incredible amounts of nonsense he creates, the number of people that think his vids mean anything at all is just sad

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He even does a disclaimer in every video so he’s not responsible for such things. Just because the experiments are far away from ingame situations doesn’t mean the videos are totally useless. Maybe the titles are misleading though.
Anyway, if you want to link a mameluke vs UU video link one that uses a normal ress ratio, that’s all.

The problema with most UU is that You can’t más them, castles are a huge investment, they should produce units way faster than a normal military building

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They already do. Any UU that you can produce in both a Castle and another Military Building, like Huskarls and Tarkans, is trained faster at the Castle.

Yep. I suggested in other thread that UU’s should be created in normal military buildings. Obviusly most people are too conservative for something like this

mmm looks like people never used to make or play against mamelukes…
My few experiences with this unit tell that they can be extremely powerful in several occasions, they are fast, they deal melee damage which means they kill skirmishers and halbs pretty fast, and hard counter cavalry, pair them with SO, what counters that.
People have problems with the Arambai destroying everything, imagine if Mamelukes are buffed without mind…
A small gold reduction is welcomed


This is like the 10 topic about mamelukes…

Mamelukes were fine in AoC, mamelukes got severely nerfed in 2016 by FE team adding frame delay to a non archer unit, add frame delay to a paladin and you will kill it, conclusion FE team should remove the added frame delay.

Reducing the price or changing the armor class is reworking an unit that was perfectly fine and balanced in terms of RTS, expensive but quite powerful and hard to mass.

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I know, but it should be way faster… +600 stone vs 175 wood… You should be able to make 3 or 4 units from the castle for a similar unit from a single standard military building with no bonus.

Of course this should not change for every UU, mangudais would be very OP otherwise… this is just a general suggestion

For all the arguments you could make why would you pick a video that dumb? like 2 mamelukes vs 15MH? Why the hell would you even pick such a stupid fight?
That said I think power wise mamelukes are fine, I do think that their creation time is quite slow considering its more melee than ranged in most fights, also they could use 1 pierce armor for all that cost

They actually buffed their frame delay in DE, Elite mameluke now has lower frame delay than an arbalest while non-Elite is in between arbalest and mangudai


It has to be 0, 3 range and melee unit… add even 0.5 to a paladin it will get rekt by skirms.

Not to mention that mamelouks doesnt deal horizontal damage so its easy to enage them

WTF are you talking about frame delay on a melee unit? Unless you spam clicks all the time paladins would still work just fine with 0.3 frame delay

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The most expansive unit in the game who has a lot of weakness has a hard time killing paladins especially franks and teutons. IT cant do extremely well its only job. It takes time for them to take them down.

In what world mamelukes don’t slaughter Franks/Teuton palas? I’m pretty sure even back then in AoK when mamelukes had 50 less HP they would still win vs Franks palas.