Mamemluke have a huge problem

This unit is just too bad, even when massed they get totally outmicroed by kipchak, mangudai, etc u can do nothing with this stupid unit, its so fkn slow, u get out micro by unique cav archers. the stupidest thing is u miss when enemies walk diagonally u cant chase anything. You get countered by the things you should counter. I will tell you what a 85 gold unit get countered by :

  1. skirms
  2. halbs
  3. mangudai
  4. kipchak
  5. huskarls
  6. scorpions
  7. camels
  8. camel archers
  9. genose crosbowman
  10. throwing axeman
  11. massed balista elephant
  12. teutonic knights
  13. kamyuks
  14. eagle warriors
  15. onagers
  16. cataphracts
  17. massed longbowman just obliterates them
  18. any massed archers
  19. berserkers
  20. samurai

massed kamyuks take down paladins at 30g faster. They are super tanky with courrier against archers. enemies going onagers u make eagles and kill onagers.

Kipchak is just trash
This unit is so trash I just cant believe it.

Did a fight against Kipchak, and couldn’t chase it and the time where i was able to be in a fight position he would just walk diagonally to negate all of my damage. Hit and run, again when close enough to fight he would just move his army and negate all my damage. So again mameluke struggles against a unit that cost 35 gold.

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Ask yourself this? Can they beat a Arbalest 1 vs 1 or even some of it’s counter units? Because population efficiency plays a part in this game. Just make them cheaper if you think they are trash. If cheaper, their cost effectively arguably increases, and they make for a better unit. Still, they burn elephant units so that’s something to note.

Also… do you only make mamelukes and no other units? Maybe you should only make the unit when the situation calls for it. Like against civs using elephant units. They can safely kill elephants without being killed themselves unlike halberdiers.


Yeah, Mames are a heavy counter to cav. Maybe even the best cav counter in the game which transforms into a raiding unit after a won fight.

Mames are insanely strong in the right hands and in Team games they have the same impact as imp camels - if you can mass them.

Don’t play them in other situations. The Saracens have many options in their tree, use their options and you will be revarded.

The Mameluke is no go-to unit like the mangudai. It is situational, but very strong in these situations.

requires numbers advantage to win

requires actually getting to the mameluke to win, which means with micro you win.

requires micro for them to win, otherwise the mameluke wastes them.

with micro the mameluke wins.

are intended to beat mamelukes

requires micro to win

are intended to beat cavalry and camels. working as intended.

do they? camels have nearly double the health and more attack.

if your opponent massed these up what were you doing?

an anti cavalry unit is losing to infantry units, sounds like working as intended.

these flatten most things.

working as intended, the cataphract literally gets a bonus against anything that is supposed to beat cavalry.

again all these are working as intended.

this is hilarious because pros love using the unit.

but basically your list is largely unique units. funny i could make any unit look bad if i included every unique unit that countered it. also most the units on your list are literally supposed to beat the mameluke. or with some micro the mameluke could do well.


Mamelukes need buff for sure, and i suggest:

-Give the Mamelukes +1/+1Pa and +5% speed
-Increase his hp
-give the elite Mameluke +1 range

Skirmishers murder them, Halberdiers murder them. The cheapest unit in the game destroy the (second) most expensive. Like who cares if you lose 3 skirmishers to a 85 gold unit if you kill it? They can’t even micro vs Halbs or Huskarls properly due to the low range+mediocre Frame Delay

Man, you go mamelukes against france, they go throwing axe man + paladin and murder you. Opponent just has to go paladin + skirms and your done. You want to go mamelukes + onagers mamelukes takes a long time to actually take down paladin, and if thier paladin focus your onagers, mamelukes will miss most of their damage since they always miss a target moving diagonally. The real cavalry counter are kamyuks, massed kamyuks will take down any paladin faster.

You can micro 1 unit, 5 units and 20 units in Dark Age/Feudal Age/Early Castle Age. But I don’t think you can micro 60 Cavalry Archers that much because everyone knows you need space to retreat and late-game wars always happens middle(ish) regions (arena) or flanks (black forest). You can’t afford them in 1v1 like War Elephants.

Create Saracen Archers, Camels and Hussars, switch Mamelukes later.

You can micro against Kamayuks and Pikes like how Kipchaks, Mangudais micro against Mamelukes.

Siege always counter everything including owners units. Don’t need to mention it.

Some Unique units has specialty like Italian, Japanese and Byzantine one.

Huskarls? Eagles? They are nothing for melee damage units, like Hussars, Camels and Mamelukes. “How about Halbs” against Goths, they lack armour and also Heavy Cavalry Archers with Parthian Tactics good against them.

Any massed ranged units are strong. Create Hussars to protect Mamelukes.

Don’t tell me Mamelukes needs buff. I know their costs. But I also know how Mamelukes melts other unique units in CBA.

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Yeah they have short range and get out microed by a 30 gold kipchak unit. I think they should have the same speed or more. And even then they control group 1 to 6 to hit and run and take down mamelukes 1 by 1.

Man any good player will destroy your mamelukes and hussars if they go kipchack halbs. Halbs focus hussars, And kipchak focus your mamelukes. As easy at it is. And the game I played was paladin france + cuman kipchack and he would just send france paladin to my hussars and use kipchak to take down my mamelukes. You think on paper its good but no. If the unit was good, it would have seen pro play at longer games.

You can’t micro against kamyuks because there is 2 range difference and its really hard because the pathing on mamelukes is bad you change direction and boom they are in range on the kamyuks.

Focusing back units aren’t that easy. Train Skirms and try to focus Kipchaks, Mamelukes can get Halbs because they are engaged with Hussars.

Mix some archers or Cavalry Archers or siege (Saracens has fully upgraded Siege Onager). You can create other units. Especially I suppose you started with archers, switched to Hussars and Mamelukes.

Just a line of Mamelukes can fire don’t wait for all of them.

Mameluke-Kamayuk difference 2 range
Mameluke-Kipchak difference 3 range (no Bracer)

they can afford paladin + TA but you can’t afford something that counters it? sounds suspicious. what were you doing that your opponent can afford paladin + TA and you can’t counter it?

What would counter that? seige onagers? That cost hella more gold my friend. And dont fogret, its easy for paladin to engage mamelukes you just walk diagonally.

again what were you doing while your opponent literally teched to paladin + throwing axeman. that’s a heck of a lot of a gold to even get there to begin with, did you just watch them turtle and do nothing to stop it? Paladin +ETA is 1500 gold alone. not to mention the cost of the army and the upgrades to go with it.

“just walk diagonally, its easy”. don’t forget that when they actually engage it becomes a heck of a lot more messy and are still going to take TONS of damage regardless.

Mameluke-Kipchak difference 3 range (no Bracer)

Man, kipchack will just outrange it hit and run and can add halbs to that too. I have done this fight so many trimes. Kipchack are a lot faster. If you have the chance to get near then they just walk away and you miss all the shots because the enemy is moving, he will jsut hit and run you down.

On pro games there is always aggression, you usually want to use Archers, Skirms, Camels, Pikes when you are playing as Saracens. If you can breathe and translation to Mamelukes do it. But don’t forget; even War Elephants have counters.

Camels and Archers.

Train just 20 Skirms and 2 Treb. 20 Skirms stand in front of Trebs while Trebs attacking to Castles. Mamelukes are at back. If Cuman sends Kipchaks show Mamelukes, if Kipchaks rushes to Trebs they are gonna die. Paladins? Lose 2 Treb but get 10 Paladins it’s definitely worth.

You dont loose only 2 trebs you loose to throwing axeman

Against Kipchaks you do the Treb thing. Against Franks you create camels and archers.

And also as I understand, you tried to carry a team game with just a unit only? When your opponents creates a lot of different units. This is impossible friend.

again your argument is completely unrealistic. its just not realistic to be able to afford Paladin + Elite Throwing Axeman. the composition is just TOO EXPENSIVE. its 1500 gold just for the Paladin and ETA research, not to mention BS techs, and the units themselves.