Man at arm vs feudal age units

So fun to fight MAA when you don’t have crossbow yet.

heavy cavalry defeats the man at arms, two civilizations have it in feudal age, they are also vulnerable to the micro of many archers or you can defend yourself in your base with superiority of horsemen, if you are in your base it is easy to have more units than him

What was your civilization?

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I’m guessing Abbasid. It’s the same thing I’ve been complaining about. No MAA, knights, or crossbows for Abba, no increased infantry production. Against burgrave if the enemy just spams MAA I can pour 100% of my feudal resources into horsemen and still get overwhelmed by 50 MAA chopping up my villagers. Takes too long to kill without crossbows or heavy cav.

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Indeed, that’s why you shouldn’t do that in most cases.

Scout to make sure you’re not too far behind on the age up if a-moving your army in one blob is your thing.
If you’re advanced, you can hit their eco and force their slow maa to stay at their side of the map. effectively defending with a much cheaper feudal army until you hit castle with the eco advantage you delayed it for.

I’ve noticed that in most of your post you focus on what kills you rather than what lost you the game and then fixate on it in in balance complaints. Post replays and ask for tips, or keep on balance complaining. Get better, or keep stagnating. It’s one or the other. In the history hundreds of balance complainers on reddit, none has ever gotten both.

Camel archers if u can’t 3rd age at time.

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