Man... this User Interface is VERY responsive (and slick)

Just patched up and started the AOE 4 campaign and the user-experience so far is very very good in terms of responsive speed and beautiful animations. Some of this stuff, I REALLY wish would be back ported into AOE 2 …

Good job.


still deciding if this is honest opinion or sarcasm, bit weary over aoe4


kinda troll…

but aoe2 ui was far more responsive… for a 20+ year old game.

i do have this feeling relic devs are covertly making these sorta posts tho…


just case of whoever did the coding clearly liking his job (talking og aoe games plus aom) and doing his best (been hearing for years from a number of rather big industry figures just how good ensemble was in this department in particular)
now for aoe4, from what i’ve been told from an insider that knows essence like back of his hand is this, the input delay we’re seeing with commands is likely intentional and is seemingly related to dawn of war 1’s terrible pathing as a means of patching that issue, thats all i have to say on this


careful now, before someone comes in and say we have this delay because its a modern game and… 11 complex

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funnily enough the person you’re most likely refering to is the same person that told me about this, i still think he’s trustworthy on this as someone who modded essence for its entire existence, and its predecessor to almost the same extent

You’re a savage…

Same. So far maybe 2 hours of gameplay logged… I wanna sink another 8 before I make a judgement call. The single player campaign is great, I hope the female accent isn’t the same for the other civilizations and it changes when I get passed the intro England one.