Managing Your Eco

I was curious how you guys got used to managing your ecos in this game? I have saved the stats from the last 10 games I have played and I noticed a few things

  1. Everyone has more vills than me
  2. With less vills I am not collecting enough resources
  3. Military is suffering due to lack of resources

My question is any tips on how to better run my eco and how to remember to always produce villagers?
What did you guys do to learn and remember?


Hi GrizzGolf,

Do you use hotkeys and control groups?

If you really want to play competitive and keep up with pro’s you will need to learn the usage of hotkeys to keep those queues filled up, otherwise you’ll always be like me - just another intermediate player, which is fine too of course. :wink:


H + A A A every few seconds lol
hotkeys + practice + online guides are the way to go in today’s RTS.

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I’d say it’s mostly about knowing what you have to do and also get used to constantly make villagers.

Once you start the game (assuming you’re starting at dark age) you want your first 8-10 villagers to collect food, after that you start adding the next one to collect wood. You want to have this amount of food collectors so you can constantly make more villagers and then advance to feudal, and having a good amount of wood collectors after that is important so once you run out of animals and berries you can sustain farms for all those food collectors.

At dark age you really don’t want any vills collecting stone or gold, since u won’t be doing anything with them unless u’re going for a specific strategy. When you get to feudal age you can start adding villagers to collect gold, so you can start making your military (like archers and swordmans).

Adding a few amount to collect stones is ok if you already have a good amount collecting gold, so you’ll be able to make a castle earlier once you get to castle age.

Pro players usually go for around 100 villagers on a 200 population limit match, but at lower levels you might still be safe with a smaller amount of them.

And most important: you want to keep your town center always working. If you end up hitting a supply block (aka need more houses) make the town center reseach something while the house is being done, and then get back to make more vills.


I never use hotkeys but it sounds like I need to learn now


A few more sage tips. Using control groups for units is nice, but using them for production buildings is far better. You can select a group of 10 military buildings and press shift + q (grid setup). Another tip. If you are booming really fast and have extreme amount of resource produce multiple blacksmith buildings and university so you can research faster. Also instead of researching all techs at one storage pit spread them over multiple storage pits, you can even group those and cycle through them.

Here you got a nice overview of the most important hotkeys (apart from using the new grid system when unit or building is selected):


Aren’t storage pits for AoE1 tho?


That part is indeed related to AOE I as the overview of basic shortcut commands too.
I think this post at Steam is a better overview regarding hotkeys for AOE II HD. :wink:
Thanks for pointing out.

Although I spot an error in that one.


Thank you for the guide. Im not use to using hot keys but Ill give them a shot