Manchuria Glitched and All Consulates Glitched

Hello, I want to see if anyone else is having this trouble, I wrote done some notes while playing so I wouldn’t forget.

1 ) the Tengrists on the Manchuria map (large, treaty) do not work. You cannot build a trade post there, nor can you use the new feature to influence them and then build one. They’re just flavor, like the ducks and geese on the New England map. This is the only map I have found to have this issue, Central Asia and Mongolia do not have this.

2 ) the consulate artillery units for all 3 Asian civs are broken. They are lacking their shadow-tech upgrades. A Chinese imperial heavy cannon from the Russian consulate provided factor starts with 713HP and 300 attack, the old German consulate one, originally had 330 attack and like 752HP. A fully leveled up imperial Chinese cannon, has about 929HP, 350ish attack, with Siege Combat, Siege Hitpoints, and Siege Damage. Before hand, you could easily get a German provided heavy cannon with over 1,000HP and over 450 attack, now they’re useless and super inferior to the factory made one. This glitch does not effect Chinese native artillery, like the Flying Crow.

As I said, I noticed other civs have this issue. An Ottoman great bombard usually has, 713HP also, but the Indian one, which should supposedly have at least 10% more HP and 10% more attack, capped at 669 last time I used it. My final example, I had Spanish allies, who have no artillery upgrades except for advanced arsenal, their fully level, imperial field gun had 370HP, 175 attack. My Chinese British consulate provided one had 360HP and 173 attack. Consulate units are supposed to come with a 10% buff to HP and attack, right? Did that get removed? I went through all the notes and I can’t find it. I remember back in May, before the Knights of the Mediterranean dropped, a Chinese falconet, provided from the British consulate had about 400HP and 220 attack.

As a China main, this makes me unhappy. Part of the appeal of China was “best artillery options in the entire game” to make up for infantry made out of paper and cavalry made out of glass.

I am not sure if this is a bug or intended, so I wanted to get a second opinion, thus, I am turning to you guys. thanks for reading my long post.