Mangonel Siege City = Age of Siege

That’s what this game feels atm. It’s mangonel springal city.

I thought this was going to be a sword pike bow and arrow medieval mesh, smashing, and it’s just playing bowling alley/pool with the siege . like what is this!??!

in team games this is even more horrific the maps are soo big that even if you try to rush age 2 the other guy is already age 4 because of how far ur guys had to walk halfway across africa. like man srsly

#remove siege city

make the reload for siege like an actual minute, and the volleys deadly. so if you get one good volley and the other guy isn’t paying attn, he loses the whole army. but it takes an entire minute to reload. also, the cost of these siege engines should be bizzare more expensive than the cost of knights. or make the setup time a minute PLEASE


Pretty funny post lol


Ah the typical age1 and age2 sprignald/mangonel attack. Kappa
Dunno what game you play but in my games knights/archers/pikes are 90% of the army i encounter.

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