Mangonels do whatever they want instead of what they're told

I will record a video of this if the developers ask me to.

I was doing #4 of Art of War, the basic siege one. I create 2 mangonels with the grease upgrade (x2) and bring them to battle. It seems that they are quite reluctant to do what they are told when it comes to targetting. They respond OK to moving commands. It seems the problem is when I command them using the control group, which was group 5. Most likely the group has nothing to do, but the fact that the selection contains more then one mangonel. I guess more testing is required to find the exact circumstances that trigger this.

Anyway: The 2 mangonels don’t go for the target I click. I must either issue a Move command first, or I must select individual mangonels. Furthermore, the mangonels seem to prefer acquiring a building for target than an archer. As an AoE II player, I find this to be incorrect: The higher priority target should be the archer.