Mangonels nerfed in new sever side patch!

if they can hotfix the game as fast as they said , they probably can deliver an small patch to tune that lmao

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We can, and will, continue to complain, but maybe not about the time it takes to see change. :smiley:

This update came quickly and I like it very much.

Honestly, I prefer to see small but quick updates like this, showing the developer’s passion and flexibility for the game, and I don’t want to wait a few weeks for a big update every time. Having both will be fine.


Don’t doubt that, just showing what needs to be fixed aswell. I would reduce their hp and keep the dmg.

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Better late then never.
Good work devs. no more mass Mangonel spam in 4 v 4 I can hope.

Grenidiers are not OP. The cost to getting to them and then making them almost makes them not worth it now as it is.


Exactly. They get stuck on single unit/civ and keep nerfing/buffing it. Mongos were nerfed to ground. Now they are pretty much useless. So expensive and you only get to do one shot because infantry can easily catch-up and burn it down. Welcome now!!! Just spam spearman and rams you win the game.

This is so stupid that this unit has not been fixed for this long. Single granadier is stronger than a mangonel.

OMG iam so happy with this mangonnels nerf. :smiley:

Now they have to nerf : Grenadier(This is a cheat code lol), strelsy (Less HP), arbalest(Less bonus damage) and handcannoner (Less HP).

Then we will have a good game!


and longbows, they need to nerf every ranged unit pretty much.

The problem with longbows is the x2 prod on landmark not their power. Also at top level english is not that good.

Council shoud prod x1.5 but 3 units (maa, archers, scouts) !

the problem is that ranged units never miss their target.

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so the siege is no longer worth it, thank so many threads, of low elo, with the same complaint

Let’s wait how they develop in the Golden

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Better late then never.
Good work devs. no more mass Mangonel spam in 4 v 4 I can hope.

Out of curiosity, are you for or against the mango nerf? I can’t tell based on your conflicting reply here and in this thread.

Imo the nerf is overdone and will result in ranged inf masses having no reliable counter. Time will tell, and if so I’m hopeful the devs rethink the tuning to mangos.

I’m more in favor of suggestions I’ve seen for lowered health, speed, and/or min firing range. I also acknowledge the struggle of balancing mango for team games and 1v1s.

Good job developers thank you very much. Happy to see that you now also do small server side patches despite the monthly patches and the season updates. Keep up the good work.

Please mark season one as a major update on steam after ranked season started. Then steam owners will receive a notification even though they have maybe uninstalled the game. The season one update then maybe brings more players back.


We probably will have to wait to see how the changes affect the game. Which definitely will.
In one hand I am glad because this will greatly jmpact civs that can build siege in field, making their timing less oppressive.
On the other hand this could encourage people to build up massive balls of infantry only and make mass xbow and mass handcanoneers much harder to counter.

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Thank god. Not enough though. Siege overall is still way to dominant in this game. Just yesterday I had a game where I tried to counter mangonel with knight. Dumb idea, despite this is an intended counter. The counter to mangonel springald is just mangonel with slightly more springalds.

This was also confirmed in a game I played vs Sniper where he went pure mangonel, I went pure cav. Even with split micro to avoid his ally my knights crumbled under the rain of rocks while he barely lost a mangonel while not micro’ing just to see how it would play out.

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POSTED BY [Arch902] (Profile - Arch902 - Age of Empires Forum)Age Insider"“Out of curiosity, are you for or against the mango nerf? I can’t tell based on your conflicting reply here and in this thread .”"

I am for a nerf to seige. As I posted before I think the nerf to “Damage” is the wrong direction. I think a nerf to there health and /or rate of fire would have been the proper nerf.
Nerfing the damage they do just makes people not make them anymore. Nerfing just there health and there movement speed is a better way. People will still try to mass them BUT its going to be harder and the counter to this will be easyer.

Mangonels should do a lot of damage!! That’s there purpose to kill a lot of bunched up “light armored” ranged units. The issue was there counter (horsemen or even knights) just got melted and destroyed trying to get to them and torch them down.
This was the core issue. So in mass in a 4v4 game this was an issue. Massing horsemen to try and counter didnt work. It got beat over and over and this was the issue. The mangonels moved to fast to run away and there health was to much.
We will now see how bad this nerf really is. But I think most people now will not make Mangonels as its just not worth it now.

p.s in a indirect way this is a BUFF to China. NOB and Grenadier just got buffed!! ( WERE BACK BOYS. BRING OUT THE NEST OF BEES SPAM.)

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oh no , i dont even want to remember the dark nest of bees times , they literally were broken , they shooted 21 rockets and they did shot while moving , a living nightmare

(closed beta)

i dont want to see nest of bees anymore lmao

Good nerf, hoping team games will become more dynamic.


Son un poco más dinámicos, sin embargo, todavía ves spam de Mangonel cada juego.