Mangonnel nerf : Why is it a good change?

Players including myself will often confuse “balance changes” and “What game do we want”.

Nerfing mangonnels brings his owns problems, as always when you nerf or buff something it will add deeper changes somewhere else.

Mangonnels was almost the super-counter of everything, you dont know what do? Do mangonnels always worth it.

Why that was a bad thing? Not because it’s “unbalanced”, a lot of players loves to play “age of siege”. But because it was NOT FUN. It’s not fun to add siege units once you reach castle age. It forces springalds and more siege and then the game is maybe OK to watch, but super annoying to play.

Now mangonnels got nerfed, we just have to solve the new problems.

I did my first games, already diamond, and those were my best games EVER.

95% of aoe4 problems got solved for me.

Remains :

Vilagers repairing NOB
Hand Cannoner to much HP (including strelsty)
Springalds on towers
Maps to big in team games xD