Mangudai no longer an early feudal option vs Royal Knights

I’m a low elo player but I can micro mangudai to at least harass royal knights in early feudal. Now they do 2 damage per shot against royal knights, and even worse, they can be overtaken—by an armored unit!

Any Mongol mains with ideas? I feel like spears are too slow and are easy targets once archers are made.

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welcome to the life of every other civ other than France XD

It depends.
I suggest you watch some videos from pros about this match-up as it’s usually mongol favoured and mangudai are rarely used at top level even before nerfs.
As a mongol player, you have the option to tower rush and prevent french from getting gold, therefore preventing them from making knights.
Also, another option is to just rush castle and get lancers. Your resources are usually safe and if they arent you can just make a tower on gold and ressearch arrowslits.

They are no longer cost effective against knight, only hitting 2 for 190hp and now knights can make the charge against mangudais, hitting 29 for 85hp. In addition, due to the short attack distance of the mangudais, the knights can flee.

If you still want to go mangudais, remember that Deer Stones can move and give speed to mangudais. It would be great if this landmark improves its use in the future eg: keep the aura for 15 seconds, because after building a tower it has no use.

I think the best idea is to go tower rush, take the gold, keep pressure and go to castles.

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I hate tower rush, especially when it comes to the Mongols.
I wanna make cavalry as it should and is historical approach. Dont wanna do that boring tower rush, it just feels stupid and makes the Mongol civ stupid and boring and it is against its description.
As I remember it states “Aggression, Cavalry, Nomadic”.
But in reality, Mongols make infantry, more than cavalry!
This turns off my interest, and there arent many different cavalry units for this civ and others too…

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I can’t remember the last time I saw a mongol player utilising infantry over lancer/mangudai spam in a long time.

Although I play team games not 1v1

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