Mangudai upgrade looked once worse version is done

The better (with stone) version of the Siha bow limbs doesn’t appear to behave the same way than every other mongol tech. Once you’ve researched the bad version you cannot research the good one for only stone. In fact you cannot research it at all. witch can be very detrimental sometimes.

Edit : Furthermore, when the improved tech has been done, it doesn’t disappear from the building.


Having the same issue. Randomly get locked out of being able to take that upgrade. Just get stuck on that error, ‘Requirement: no other upgrades’, for the rest of the game. I’ve notice this also happens with the Prayer Tent upgrades ‘Piety (Improved)’ and Tithe Barns (Improved)’. Very gamebreaking to encounter this. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.

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Hey @LiweyPlume and @Isaacans!

I believe the bug here is that these techs don’t disappear after being researched, and instead stay and display the “Requirement: No other upgrades” text. So for the screenshot above, the first tier of Siha Bow Limbs was researched, allowing the Improved version to then be researched. That one was researched (causing the first one to disappear), but this tech itself does not disappear as intended. There is no second their to the Improved version of the Siha upgrade. I’m not sure on the Piety and Tithe Barns techs, but we are aware of weirdness around those.

We are definitely aware of this and tracking it internally! I appreciate the report!


Hmm, this may also have something to do with why that mastery for Mongols seems to not be working.

So, any news about those one?