Many are chosen but few are pict - if new factions can be added what ones would you like to see

i am a great fan of my own country’s native faction the Pict’s they stood defiant and outlasted the Caesar’s and the whole roman empire the Gauls were pretty smart too

what ones would you like added

they make a desert and call it peace - Calgacus

Added to a DLC you mean.

in to the new version or a DLC either or. i don’t suppose it matters?.

I think they will added as Celts.

Definitely the biggest unrepresented region is India. If new civilizations ever get added, they should include some Indian ones like the Mauryas.

Aha, I knew the title was a pun!

not sure if they have added carthage either that would be intresting

Would have to have Celts and Picts as different civs as they are different people for different lands.

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@AndyMcFudge said:
Would have to have Celts and Picts as different civs as they are different people for different lands.

Usually I would share your opinion absolutely (e.g. in Total War Rome 2 the unit variety between the celtic factions is very extensive). But I think in Age of Empires it´s not really necessary, because all units of all factions look exactly the same and there are just certain units and technologies locked for different factions. So imho the celts and picts are in technology, building style and military tactics not that much different, that there are enough reasons to split them (in Age of Empires!!! - not talking about other games or how it was historically!!!)

they could of course take current units edit the stats and change the skins slightly ie. make a archer chariot with a bit blue body paint and no head dress or a hoplite with a leather shield no armor and a bit of body paint again much like aoe2’s woad warriors

Celts and other “barbarians” being added with a DLC would be freakin’ awesome.

Wodan watch over me!

If they release a “barbarian” cultures dlc with the germans, celts and scythes or sarmatians and other “civilized” cultures dlc with the indians and mitanni would be awesome. The only problem is that create so many civilizations without make them see unique among them would be dificult because of the lack of elements like the unique units and the small tech trees.