Many thanks to the developers

Chciałbym w imieniu całej Polskiej społeczności Age of Empires podziękować Wam twórcy tej wspaniałej serii za dodanie polskiej wersji językowej :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :poland:

Dziękujemy :heart:

On behalf of the entire Polish Age of Empires community, I would like to thank you, the creators of this wonderful series for adding the Polish language version :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :poland:

Thank you :heart:


I’ve been waiting since my childhood for Polish civilization. I expected Poles to have - Paladins ( just fully upgraded not better than others ), cavalry UU, Mounted Crossbowmen - the Poles in game are nothing like that. They are unbelievably way better ! They are great and fun to play civilization. Polish voice actors are great, Vitali did amazing job with Polish theme. The Obuch became my favourite unit. I’ve not player every campaign, but I’ve beat 5 Jadwiga campaign missions already and this is one of the best campaign in term of both gameplay and story-telling.

The support of Polish language is great, but I’m personally sticking to English.

Big thanks to developers ! :poland:


We are waiting for the Polish localization to Age of Empires 3 (I personally even more than to AoE 2). The classic version of AoE 3 had an official Polish localization - its quality was excellent. Surprisingly, Polish dubbing is definitely more immersive than the original one (which I only got to know in the DE version, because before that I only played the Polish version of AoE 3).

It will sound a bit comical, but during the game I do not even pay attention to the fact that I am playing in my language now xDDDDD