Map assets from AOMR?

As they are remaking AOM with the same engine, could we also have some (not all) AOM aesthetic objects ported into AOE3’s scenario editor as well?

They could be used as decorative assets or treasures (like the obelisk and Nubian pyramid treasures already on African maps).

It is even possible to make something like an ancient Egyptian-themed map with the sphinx and pyramids to re-enact the battle of the pyramids, or an updated acropolis map with ancient Greek ruins.


What a great idea!



Yeah. Map assets are cool but who doesnt wanna see a Falconet shoot at a Cyclops.

But if it you can get Map Editor Items as a reward for completing event quest would be pretty cool and suprising.


Or a Cyclops one-shoot at a Falconet!

I know the unit stats work very different between the two games (AoM units have 99% siege resistance for example) but it would be cool the have a bunch of assets from the other game as an Easter Egg.

I mean even the original AoE3 campaign had fantasy/mythology elements in it with the Fountain of Youth story.

This could especially be cool if AoMR adds the Aztecs as playable civilisation.


Some AOE1 unit models were ported into AOE2 (with AOE2 stats) as easter eggs while ago. So that would be easy.

Adding art assets across games where they make sense is certainly a good thing. Certainly making an African map for Age3 with ancient ruins in it would work just fine. I don’t want to see myth units in AoE3 though. It’s a totally different game and it would be immersion breaking. Maybe as a promotional cheat code or something, but adding myth units to Age3 is the kind of thing that needs to be left to the modding community to do if they’re so inclined to make a scenario.

There’s a big thread talking about Age3 being treated by the publisher as a red-headed stepchild in favor of Age2 and Age4 right now. There’s a lot of resentment about that and a lot of discussion that each game in the series has it’s own unique identity that makes it worth playing and promoting to customers and fans. I agree with that. And that means that when AoM gets it’s DE remake, it needs to have its own unique character so that it can stand on its own as a game. So again, I’m ok with transferring art assets where it makes sense, but I absolutely do NOT want to see what they did to AoE2 with that Rome DLC.

I’m just here hoping to take advantage of God Powers being cross compatible now.


Great idea
I hope to see some AOM related events in AOE III DE too (with new rewards related to AOM)

Some of them could be easily used for new wonder or trading post abilities, like egiptian rains

Best would be if they add a Polynesian civ to AOMR. In this case you could reuse the complete biome for a Australia and polinesia dlc in aoe3

That’s not a bad idea. Could also do the opposite by porting Aztecs to AOM with new myth units. Would give both games a lot more longevity too.