Map editor. Help wanted

(in advance, apologies for less then stellar English, not my first language)

So, I have been playing around with the map-editor, working on a fun map to play with my friends. But it`s been almost 20 years since I made an AoE2 map. Lots of stuff have been forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, teaching an old dog new tricks is not that easy, so I`m not really good with triggers and all that.
So then my question becomesā€¦ Is there an easy way to set up starting positions, with everything like scout vs eagle-scout, correct amount of villagers and all that working ?

I might miss remember, but was there not a ā€œstarting flagā€ or something in the old version of the game.
Would be nice to have something like that at least. Or a ā€œgeneric town centerā€ to place down that functioned as a regular spawn point.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: