Map Editor improvements

What I enjoy the most about AoE 2 these days is the map editor and playing various scenarios from Steam Workshop. With AoE2: DE comming up, I really hope that we not only get workshop support but also some improvements/additions to the map editor.

I am mostly making this thread to spark a discussion about the Map Editor but I’ll bring a few suggestions myself.

  • Custom upgrades? (This might already exist, I don’t recall ever seeing them ingame though.)

  • A custom resource that can be toggled for playermade scenarios. This could be used for minigames and such where you have previously used kings or other units as currency.

  • Allowing us to rotate the map 90 degrees (as shown on the picture below). I think this would make it significantly easier for people who are trying to recreate IRL or Fictional maps and continents. Maybe they could even go as far as giving us multiple map shapes to choose between, Round, Diamond, Square, Rectangle.


Also some useful scenario editor units to add : Merchants, Bishops/Popes/Imams, children?, dogs, chickens, ducks, market trade goods (silk, porcelain, tea, textiles, honey, etc) and maybe some more urban design items.


Theses are all good, definably could use some more love to the Map editor for us modder. Maybe a graphic update with the textures would be nice to help us visual disabled like myself and i mean in mini map for textures. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Lionkanzentai made a great post on a mod in this threat for the mini map i recommend for map editor upgrade in DE’s.

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I would like to request the game makers to consider adding the following units to add diversity and flexibility to the editor.

  • Eastern Archers - archers (not crossbowmen) with turbans or eastern style helmets which could be used for the non-Western civilisations. The elephant archer’s archer unit could be one option. Perhaps an eastern variation of the Longbow. It would not make sense for Mongols or Khmer or Indians to be using crossbowmen.

  • Hindu statues. I noticed that there are many Buddha statues included in the AOEII:DE screen shots released so far but no Hindu ones. It would be good to include these given that there are several Hindu civilisations now including the Indians/Khmers/Malays…

  • Merchants/Craftsmen - It would be good to have some merchant and craftsmen units. To be used for campaigns and to add diversity to the urban town maps.

  • Town Houses - It would be important to have town house units. Like we have tents and yurts for battlefield maps, town houses should be available for town maps - This could come in a few variations - Northern European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern/Indian and East Asian.

More Triggersssss <3 if yall could add triggers like the insane amount that Age3 had but also not make it confusing as all heck to use it thatd be amazing. Ik I sound like a noob but i’m very familiar with using triggers in age2 but age3s complicated system… I just couldn’t get used to it and stuck to age2 scenarios.


Also unit rotation by the brush tool in editor should allow all angles, not just 8 I think.

  • For the suggestion of an extra resource I would suggest just a system of hidden variables. Along with possibility to compare numbers in the conditions would revolutionize the editor.
  • An inbuilt random number generator would be nice.
  • For upgrades I would like the possibility to allow repeated use of an upgrade, like treason.
  • Possibility to declare someone defeated.
  • Create unit(s) in area (placing at most central vacant spot).
  • Possibility to change more stats. Max pop cap for example.
  • Make condition “select object” work in multiplayer.
  • More possibilities in UI for mapper. For example: add custom timers as with wonder and relique victory.
  • Remove need of specifying player in conditions. Example condition: If three kings (no matter who they belong to) then …
  • I trust the devs are looking at the difficulties solved by mapping community to find further challenges to cover.