Map editor, triggers that are not working on a map I created

Long story short, I haven’t played AOE since 2007. I know :smile:

Anyways, I found a CD with some old maps, some that I created like Castle blood. I loaded the old maps into the scenario and was surprised that they loaded. So, I said to myself, what the ■■■■ try it out online. Only the first two triggers work, the resources resupplying every 10 min and the paladins spawning in the base.

The ones not working…

At 200 kills a dock is supposed to spawn at your base.
At 500 kills is when you’re supposed to reach imperial age.
At 6oo kills is when a villager is supposed to spawn in your base.

With this new version of AOE, is there a way to fix these triggers? I went through the triggers and they are all green showing ready to go. Everything that is supposed to be turned on is. Any suggestions?

triggers probably work, it’s just that since latest patch, unit kill counter is bugged and does not count correctly. devs have acknowledged that but did not say when they are going to fix it, instead they released a hotfix which broke things even further… So I suggest just wait until they release a patch to the hotfix of the patch or whatever and finally fix it (IF).

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Thank you, I haven’t had any other issues so I will wait for the patch. Hopefully it won’t be too long.


I have a couple triggers that didn’t work properly for me either. Those that are hard to explain I will leave, because I just worked around it anyways, but here are two key ones and I would love an answer, especially for the second one please. Thanks!

  1. Condition: timed trigger at 1 seconds
    effect: adds 8000 hp to a few gates (1 for each player), which are each individually
    selected in 8 different effects.
    When I test they do have ~10000 hp which is good, but if I use a siege ram on them
    they go down to ~2000 hp in one hit (and then receive normal damage after that). If I use an onager, it doesn’t jump hp, but damages normally.

  2. (very important!) Is there a way I can use conditions as “or” instead of “and”?
    I want to kill the king of player 8 if any player 1-7 has a unit in certain area.
    I want to do the same for all 8 players so their king dies if someone else sends a unit into a certain area, but i don’t want to have 8x7 = 56 triggers for this!

Thanks a lot.

I have a somewhat related problem. I have made a map that’s pretty normal except for the four Feitorias in the middle. They get max HP set to 10k and autorepair when they get damaged to prevent accidental destruction.

They start out as Gaia. Then they change ownership to the player that has 10 Units in the area they’re placed in.

This works for me as well for AI with all colors/players 1-8 (intense testing) however it does not work at all for other human players. I have no idea why it’s not working and what to do about it.

You can add a resource trickle to monuments, that’s probably more useful for what you want to do since they automatically convert and are indestructible.

There is also the special Trade Workshop form the Battle Royal but you can’t place it in the scenario editor.

Might pick up this idea, however than I’d need another way to account for the second effect: used up pop space. Map is intended for 5-8 players with 300 pop and open diplomacy. With 4 Feitorias there are 80 pop blocked as long as one is holding them, which makes them harder to defend.

But I’ll try the approach suggested by you anyway, there has to be a way to adjust max pop with triggers.

Sadly pretty new to triggers, this is pretty much my first try to actually do something with them