(Map editor)

Does anybody know how to make it so that at the start of the game, you don’t see what allies see? It seems that the answer should be obvious but i cant figure it out.

Go into the options tab, select the player you want to change, and go to the disabled techs. Then disable Free Cartography. If that doesn’t work, disable Cartography, I can’t remember which it is.

I completely removed all techs already, but the problem persists.

Which civ? Can you send me the scenario?

Bulgarians. Idk how to send a scenario… I will try other Civs and see if that makes a difference.

I tried a few random civs and that didnt help…

K, i found the problem, which is a mod i have active, which is unfortunately a vital component to my scenario. Lol

Is it a datamod or another type of mod?

If it’s a datamod, as TheConqueror753 asked, maybe there are techs that replicate what Cartography does.

Yeah i looked at the techs and found only one related to Cartography that was made separate from the original game. i deactivated it but i still have the problem… This is the only problem i have had with this mod so far.

So, if you deactivate the datamod, disabling Cartography prevents you from seeing your allies, right?
Do you know if there any other techs added to the datamod? Maybe a bonus reenables cartography or something.

I looked through the techs but couldnt find any culprits to the problem. Idk how to access bonuses tho.
I found a way around my problem FYI. I set diplomacy to nuetral, and then set a trigger to change diplomacy to ally right away. That in effect has the desired result. Thanks for the help guys! You are awesome.

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