Map enviorments monotone

maybe I can play snow maps? Is there an environment rotation? I don’t recall playing on anything other than summer? More environmental features? Deep snow? Bogs?

Adding new maps and vreating whole new enviormental feature problely need another season or 2, but can i have in quick match random season

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You can change the biome in Map Setup, which control the appearance of the map. And yes, masteries are still completed one by one.

in quick match too? 122311111

sincerily… those biome changes looks like the same, the changes are very weak
they really need to work on something new for map issues


map gen in general needs a lot of work, imo part of the issue is also the hideous way trees are grouped, it adds to the homogenous feel of each map…

somehow aoe2 has better and more creative map gens by a long shot

Matches taking place at night time with moon light I think would add a world of difference. I think there is some variation. The desert maps are pretty neat, especially when the sun is low.