Map Generation Issues

Going straight to the point, I find it so weird that after all the community generated maps, the devs still decided to go for a map script that has the following problems,

  1. Main gold ends up next to a forest or behind the forest regularly.
  2. Sheep generation still means you have to search for it sometimes. We as a community have long since switched to having atleast one sheep already available to the player and having this issue persisting is just unacceptable.
  3. Berries spawn too close or too far from TC regularly.
  4. Deer location is too random… Sometimes close to the berries, sometimes so far away… And enemy gets it closer getting food advantage. Why not make it such that it is closer to the berries as standard?
  5. So much wood in mongolia, scandinavia and other water maps that it makes it hard to have a decent farm eco. The wood in mongolia and Scandi makes for very bad pathing while in Scandi, boars end up behind huge forests regularly making an additional disadvantage to players

Random generation is still the way to go for AOE2 but there needs to be a level of fairness and thats what the community has for many years tried to improve. These maps in the pools feel like they are just directly taken from the old game and only ends up pulling the gameplay back by a few years.

Please get help from great map script writers like Chrazini, HenkDeSuperNerd and AlgernonR to make map generations better for ranked and competitive play.