Map hack in Nomad FFA

Today I played a nomad FFA where I lost to a French knight snipe from the other side of the map. At first I though I just didn’t scout well and the timing wasn’t good as I just had a fight. However, after watching the replay in his POV, I am very confident that he is map hacking: he looked at black screen very frequently, sent armies and vills DIRECTLY to enemy landmarks/vills, and stone/gold in the dark, etc.

My in-game name is Akko, you can look at my nomad FFA replay with a French player named xxx (edited for ‘name-calling’)

I will give some examples here, but these are by no means inclusive, just some obvious ones. The message here is that he’s been constantly able to send vills to stone/gold directly without scouting; send armies to landmarks without scouting for snipe, constantly looks right on top of opponents’ armies in the dark. Here are the time stamps:

0:19-0:47 looks at dark/unscouted locations and sends vills directly to a favroubale corner with fishing eco, etc.
1:02-1:20, 2:00 sees a nearby enemy town center in the dark, immediately pulls vills to kill it.
5:00-800 scouting: really bad scouting pattern that covered little of the map, yet he was able to send the scout DIRECTLY to where sheep were
12:50-13:40, 16:00: 'sees a Rus proxy landmark in the dark, immediately makes stables and rallies knight into the hidden landmark in the dark. Also directly goes Rus’s proxy base without scouting.
29:26-29:35 checking path to China’s base
31:25-31 (looking on top of Mongol army in the dark)
32:00 check my (Akko’s) landmarks
32:20 looks at my food eco in the dark, immediately sends knights
32:35 looks at wood villagers in the dark, immediately sends knights
34:30 sees more buildings, immediately sends knights; villagers accurately send to stones and gold spots with perfect path
35:06 sees my gold hidden villagers that are far away, sends knights directly
38:00 checks Mongol villagers on stepp redout sends units
38:10 sees my new landmark, immediately sends knight straight to it
39:03 checks Mongol’s landmarks
41:28 camera right on top of nearby China (name:pathofeden) productions and landmarks
41:33 looks at China’s forward villagers
41:38 looks right on top of Mongol army
42:10: checks entrance to China’s base
43:00-45:00 directly goes to China’s exposed buildings and villagers
46:05 checks entrance to China’s base again
54:10 looks on top of gates to China’s base
56:22 looks at China’s main army (right on top)
59:10 looks at China’s main army (right on top)
59:40 checks Mongol’s base
1:00:05 checks path and location for a proxy to landmark snipe Mongol
1:00:30 China’s army and gates
1:06:10 China’s water eco
1:06:16 Checking locations of Mongol’s landmarks
1:07:39 Looking at China’s army
1:11:00-1:12:30 landmark-snipes Mongol by sending army DIRECTLY on top of them in the dark with perfect precision
1:14:10 checks remaining Mongol’s remaining landmarks
1:17:10 looks for the hidden Mongol landmark in the dark and goes directly to it
1:17:30 checks China’s base after snipping Mongol
1:20:10-32 (long nice look on a dark screen) examines Chinese productions and landmark locations
1:20:50 sees trebs in the dark out of position immediately sends knights directly to kill it
1:25:35 checks path for snipe
1:30:50 checks China’s landmark locations

I’ve already sent an in-game report, but due to the character limitation, I couldn’t provide the full evidence. So I am re-posting it here to let the devs know that map hacking is 100% real and likely to become more prevelant due to more people playing Nomad now.


My god, what a detailed report.

I’ve lost some matches (specially ranked matches) where the other guy was ever knowing what I was going to do.

If I was massing archers he would mass horsemen, if I had a few knights to raid, he will move his villagers so when my knights arrive to the recently scouted area, there are no villagers or they are running before they see the knights, etc…

Unfortunately it seems there are much more map hackers than we actually think.