Map Madness: Vacation Destination. Chat Thread

This is the chat thread for the Map Madness contest. The submission thread is over here. That’s where your submissions go, this is where you ask questions, discuss the format, tell other people how nice their maps look and generate general hype.

Welcome! This is a friendly map creation contest for AoE2. It is also a test event that might turn into a short series. The goal is to find out more about the interest for map creation contests on this forum and what kind of format might work. As for now, the setup is simple: you have until a deadline to create a map or scenario that fits a specific technical assignment as well as a given theme. You are free to interpret the theme any way you like, as long as you deliver a project fitting the assignment by the deadline. There is no prize but eternal honor and glory. After the deadline passes there will be a two week voting period to determine the winners. The details of the procedure will be announced around that time.

The small print is that your submission cannot have been published anywhere else previous to the start of this contest, no recycling old work. To submit an entry you need to post at least the file or files necessary to run the map/scenario/map script and some sort of full map or minimap picture. This makes it more appealing for people to look at your entry and as an extention at the rest of the submissions.

The deadline of this contest is July 31 2021 23:59 GMT, giving entrants a month and a half to work their magic. The assignment for this contest is to create a multiplayer map intended for team games and the theme of this very first edition of Map Madness is Vacation Destination. Starting it off a little light, so to speak.

With that out of the way, the floor is yours!

I don’t think it’s working. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, I’m beginning to get an idea. I could always just win the eternal honor and glory myself…

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We are trying.
Come help us