Map pool has been abysmal since in-game voting was added

It was supposed to be more convenient. But all it results in is a bunch of custom game browser and singleplayer players voting on what maps the ranked crowd get to play. It’s actively ruining the game for me as I no longer have enough bans for the amount of bad maps in the selection so every other game I have to deal with black forest or something equally terrible.


There is an easy fix: Only let people vote who play regularly.

If you didnt play at least 5 games on that specific ladder, then you arent able to vote. Just something like that would be an easy fix for this issue.


For team games, IMO the only good solution is giving unlimited bans and be able to queue with 1 map only.

For 1v1, IMO only active ranked players who have more than 12xx ELO and more than 200 ranked games should be able to choose maps.


People already complain about long waiting times and unbalanced team games. This will only increase with your suggestion. I dont like these drawbacks.

Ranked isnt only for the pro scene. Everyone who enjoy ranked, should be able to vote. So everyone who is active in the last weeks should be able to vote. Your elo should not matter at all.


TG-s should be pick map only. Similar to CS system, but maybe add minimum maps, 3? Last map pool we had bf, arena, fortress and michi and queueing solo was 1 ban only, which is insane.


I’m heavily against an Elo restriction. This would just turn off players from playing ranked.


It will be the opposite actually. With having 1 type map of the queue the time will be much better and shorter.

I don’t mind.


You are right, giving ELO to choose is bad suggestion maybe, but I suggested this because most of the low ELO players usually don’t like open maps style so they will choose always easy maps maybe.

I absolutely disagree. People who don’t play much ranked and are less knowledgeable about ranked shouldn’t be determining what the ranked ladder plays because they don’t understand the cause and effect of their decision making. The current map set has water, hybrid water, black forest, open maps, arena, and megarandom. That’s 6 dramatically different experiences that require dramatically different experience and knowledge and practice and build orders. It’s overwhelming and unfun to have to brush up on the specifics of so many types of maps when traditionally the ranked ladder has been mostly open maps, some closed maps, a water map, and a flavor map or two. It was VERY easy to set your preferences in a way that you play what you like and avoid what you don’t previously, it’s IMPOSSIBLE under the current map selections.

I hate water, I don’t want to play it. But I hate black forest too, and now I’m forced to experience one or the other in the ranked ladder when previously I could just play what I enjoyed.

I’m not even 1200 ELO. I would be disqualifying myself from selecting the maps. I’m in full support of it because letting every tom #### and harry vote on the maps was a complete mistake. We have no clue what we’re doing.


Well the active ranked participants are getting turned off from playing ranked. Probably better to focus on retention over courting a bunch of players who have never and will never take an interest in the ranked ladder.

Even if ELO isn’t considered. A non-negligible amount of ranked games under your belt (At LEAST fifty) is a must.


There could be a new system that can be introduced by the devs.


The map pool should have only 6 maps. It will be divided to 1/3 system.

2 open maps, 2 closed, 2 water (1 of them is hybrid).

Each player have 3 bans, so you indeed will get your preferred map for sure.

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But an Elo restriction excludes active players below 1.2k Elo that already got the basics down. I’d rather introduce a minimum amount of games required or being active on the ladder for quite some time.


Yeah this could help also.

As a player who hangs around 950-1020: I simply don’t trust a fellow low or low-mid ELO player to have good judgement on what they vote for. As evidence by the state of map selection at the moment.

I’m in that Elo region as well and imo Elo on that matter is overrated. On that Elo you already know 1-2 BOs, are comfortable to play with hotkeys etc and good an idea what the map looks like.

I would honestly say no more than 1 water map at a time would be ideal.

2 open
2 closed (Including BF and Michi on top of arena and arenalikes)
1 water (Alternating hybrid and full)
1-2 flavor (Megarandom, the one where you can build on shallows, fortress, etc)

This gives players a way better ratio of what they like to what they don’t. Open players can shut out arena/bf, leave the water map in if it’s hybrid, ban if it it’s not, and then only has to deal with the occasional oddball map. Same with a closed map player but inversed.

As someone who only knows 2-3 build orders and only plays with like 8 of the civs. No, we’re absolutely and utterly unqualified to be voting on the map pool.

I thought Black Forest ranked sounded fun, I was excited for ALL of this until I experienced it put into practice in reality.

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Where did you get this info?


No, not really. It’s not a matter of Elo but rather of experience.

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