Map pool is not very good, needs community maps

Question for devs.

Why do you not use community made maps and map fixes in ranked and quick match?? No one wants to play current offical lipany, pit, altai, hideout, ancient spires etc. Too many closed off maps this season. Give us less maps with defensive terrain and so much free in base resources please.

Seems really strange people are putting in all of this work to make great maps for tournaments and you continue to give us the same stuff. I don’t understand

From discord feedback channel.

“Age of Empires 4:
Change mappool for ranked already. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all that the TC nerf has the reasoning to make villager booming more risky, yet the mappool screams the complete opposite. Majority of maps is turtly as hell and while I think generally speaking the TC nerf had good reasoning, the idea behind this heavily conflicts with the choice of the maps in this mappool.”

Thank you Chckntndr for the great feedback. Hopefully its taken seriously.

When are maps rotating?