Map size changes?

Any word if AoE3DE will have bigger map sizes? New map types?

If not, can people mod these?


I am pretty sure the RMS for map generation in original AOE3 does adjust the map size in a small way based on the # of players. I know for certain the number of hunts, etc are adjusted. In addition, some of the maps have larger versions.

I’m assuming you’d like to have greater control over how much space each player has. I don’t know if these details have been released yet, but my gut feeling is the current way of doing things with regards to maps won’t be changed drastically, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few new maps or just better balanced maps in general. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, I’d like to have the option to select a giant version of each map (even larger than Large Great Plains for example), sort of like how Age 2 DE has the Ludicrous setting.

I get ya. Yeah, I think AOE3 has been really geared towards forcing conflict meta-wise, so my gut says it won’t happen. That said, never say never! It is under new management, after all! :+1:

Larger maps would be nice. The game feels like it’s the size of a backyard.