Map "Valley" Landscape Wrong (bug, but not a bug, just wrong land type used, please edit) ships traverse land on road

on the valley’s road when there’s water to build a dock on, your ships are able to traverse the landtype that’s used for the road but unable to traverse onto the regular land - ships should be unable to traverse this land.

Holy ■■■■ this is amazing, i can even build fish traps on the sandy terrain.
I dont want FE to change this. this isnt game breaking but it opens up some funny cheese strats

Afaik it has always been the case that ships are able to sail on beaches like that. Probs intended to make it easier for them to move in thigher spaces.

Isnt this just WAD? Nothing needs to be changed.

It’s odd, it’s wierd and looks out of place, it’s a dried up riverbed - last I checked you can’t sail the seven seas on what appears to be sand at best - if they want the mechanic to stay they can use some other terrain - this, as is, is just unsettling.