Map Voting in game finally coming. Whoop!

Can’t believe this is in motion and the rematch system. I will be so happy when these finally launch! Thanks Devs

Coming Up…

We listened to you and we’re officially bringing two exciting and much-asked-for features to the game this Summer!

  • Ranked Match Map Voting: Players will have the ability to vote for Ranked 1v1 and Team map pools from within the game client itself. No more blogs and forums for these polls!
  • Rematch System: Ever finish a match and think, “I could take them if I played again.” Well, now you can! A new rematch button will be added to the end of game screen. If all players select rematch, then a new multiplayer lobby will be created with the same players and settings of the game you just finished.

You’re late to the party. They already told it in previous patch notes :sweat_smile:

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Where are all the patch notes? I can never find them unless someone puts them on the forums.

if you have the game on steam it should be in the ‘Activity’ section when you click ont he game. the most recent post ‘major update’ then has this link:

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well i’m still hyped that all the posting has at least been noticed

Better late than never*

*it is entirely possible that also posted this same post with the previous patch notes, but since nothing has happened maybe i just forgot