Maps are too big

Agreed. The 3v3 and 4v4 maps are way too big. By the time i got my units to their base in feudal, they have doubled my armies size haha.


Map are to small, there is no much place to build.

But players are placed way to far from each other, always in the oposite side of the map.

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I think the map size is fine, but there shouldnt be a limit to how many players are for each size. What if I want to play an 8 player Micro map? That should be an option like in the old games. I guess we will have to wait until the map editor comes out and make a map with mountains all around making the map really small

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nonono , maps are great as its size , have you seen aoe2 maps? these are HUGE , the ones we have in aoe4 are bigger than in aoe3 for sure but smaller than aoe2 , making them smaller would reduce the strategic posibilities as well as making them boring… with the scenario editor you could make them smaller though

I assumed 8 player micro was already possible. Disappointing if this unnecessary restriction is in place :frowning:

Do you still agree after all this time? meta more often feudal boom + trade boom into imperial siege mass.

Same! Larger maps are probably my most-wanted enhancement right now, as my friends play only casually against AI and we enjoy the slow-burn strategic matches.

i like the size of maps no matter 1v1,2v2,3v3 or 4v4, yea they are huge but it gives player chance to develop civ…

players who like big size map can choose big map as they want.
but players who dislike big size map can’t choose smaller map.

That can be a big problem for some players trying to win earlier if their Civ/team has the inferior late-game. But for custom games, it can be a lot more fun to have a bigger map, perhaps bigger than the current ones.

As a Total War fan, let me play on HUUUUUUUUGE MAP asf in Aoe too :smiley:

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