Maps in quicksearch

I came back to the game, used to play a lot during 2010-2011, mostly quicksearch and after 100 games Ive noticed the original maps rarely appear (texas, saguenay) or have never appeared (great lakes, new england, carolina, hispaniola) I assume they changed the map pool for quicksearch games but they’re not evenly distribuyed, why was this changed establised?

Hi there. Welcome back!

All the maps in quicksearch have an equal chance to be selected. There are separate map pools for 1v1 and team games that do have some overlap though so you may see some more often than others if you play both. The other maps you mentioned just aren’t standard enough for quicksearch.

I miss some of the classic in ranked (Great Lakes, Bayou), but I bet that they aren’t balanced enough. Would be cool a smaller pool but with automatic rotation.

Thanks for your answer,
were some of those maps too convenient for certain civs?

Yes, some of those create issues of civ imbalances or limit players to only 1 or 2 optimal options for their chosen civ.