Maps made by SHADOWELITE74

I have created my first map in AOEDE. The Scenario Editor feels quite the same from the classic AOE. Here is the link to my map where you can download it.
Its very simple. I haven’t made maps in a scenario editor in a very long time so I decided to start out with something simple.
Hope you have fun with this map.

Looks like a lot of fun, nicely done!

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did you test your map?
Not sure if it’s a bug but AI doesn’t start building!

well once again checking the map in the editor I found out it seems to be a “bug”.

the character is in my window is “random”, but I use a German interface. when I change it to “zufällig” (=random in DE) the AI is starting.
all other AI’s with “random” are not working. but how …

hmm. this is odd. I haven’t seen this when I tested the map.

I will test it again.

its possible the ai are doing this because I set the population limit to 1000

well, thats the point. I tested.


but AI still seems to be very stupid … my group cant move because of surrounded by other units :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I have a Question. Where are the animals in the editor. If I remember correctly from the classic aoe. It was in Units. But in the AOEDE editor. The animals aren’t there.

Animals are in the units, but you need to select Gaia as the player to see them.

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I am back. I decided to change my xbox tag because it was my original name for AOE on the CD (just found that out on my older desktop hdd). It’s possible I might need to create a new topic since I can’t seem to thread title to Maps made by Penteract4894. I will try to make some improvements to chaotic roads. Currently I made a new idea for a new multiplayer map which will take place in the waters.