Mapsize & Resource

I see map size for 8 player so small, it’s not huge like AoE2 or giantic. I really need a option to set random amount of resource in Map.

I want to everything is more expandable… more huge, or can set map size like Cossack 3 …


Estoy de acuerdo. Nos encantaría, por supuesto, pero no habrá tal cosa durante un tiempo, al menos por lo que nos han hecho esperar.

En mi opinión, preferiría que algunos mapas fueran más pequeños para las grandes partidas por equipos en la Partida Rápida, pero me gustaría la opción de la Partida Personalizada.

Well, for competitive games I see it great. Maybe larger maps can be included in custom games in the future.


I agree here and everywhere it’s been suggested - I’d really like the option in custom games to play on a Larger map size. My group prefers the slower pace and more strategic play that can develop over larger spaces. It’s one of my top requests for sure.

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@BaldFuzzball319 I love the huge maps. At least for custom games we can play them. Hopefully they will even add the possibilities for bigger maps than currently.