March Madness Event

I don’t understand what should be done on day 9:

Send Daimyo Mototada, Daimyo Kiyomasa and Shogun Tokugawa shipments in any amount of Skirmish or Multiplayer matches.

I have 2/3 actions done but I don’t know why… Seems I d’ont have Daimyo Kiyomasa?

Thanks for your help.

Hay welcome to the Forums !

The japanese has 3 different Daimyo´s and 1 you get from building the Shogunate as Age-Up option.
You will need to add the last missing one from your Homecity into a deck ! :slight_smile:

Day 9 event. I, too are having issues. I have tried getting them all to take shipments in one game (twice), and each one individually in three different games to no avail. Getting somewhat frustrated. Kiyomasa seems to be the hangup, but I’m not sure. I think the others went through okay. I would try to wipe the day, and start over if I can get help with that.