Market - CTRL + key x10 bigger ammount sell


Hi guys, i think you know that moment when there is late game and u have +10k of some resources.
There is some game change situation (u need extra gold/wood/food), but u have to hold “Z” key for 1 min, when there is enemy army marching to your walls.

I would like to propose a ctrl/shift/any other key + resource key on market that makes you sell 10-20x normal ammount by one click.

What do you think?


If its for tributes too than sure, I got sick of building 3-5 markets for bulk sales

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awesome new idea…oh wait… it’s already done in previous games. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And what does it matter if it is in other games? It is not in the game on which the forum games we write (?)?

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It seems an odd feature to remove when all it’s predecessors had it, not to mention shift clicking the button doesn’t even buy/sell resources for some reason.