Marketing - be a little more bold?

Marketing is important to get a good community going and attract new players. While I loved what we saw in the trailer it was also very vanilla and boring. Not exactly cutting edge material culturally speaking. I hate to say this but MS should really be exploiting the WOLOLO here for all that it is worth. They have an entire lineup of memes attached to their IP and that is a goldmine of marketing opportunities. Don’t miss those opportunities.

I feel if they later allow people in beta to post game-play on platforms like YouTube or Twitch it could greatly grow the interest and would be free advertising!

Yes, they should definitely allow people to stream on twitch and post videos to youtube in the late beta. It is free advertising and to be honest the only way I find out about new games that aren’t launching on steam.

As mentioned in the NDA, they might remove features in the game before official release, and then people might disagree and not purchase the game for that reason.

However, they could watermark the ■■■■ out of it, and allow people to stream - also good PR for them :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have a ton of experience with streaming on Twitch, and if allowed, I think it would be GREAT for publicity. I often get people asking me what game I’m playing, or where they can get a Steam link to it.

By the start of the Beta it isnt good that players stream this, but in the late game it will be fantastic and give more new player.

Whoever is in charge of marketing should eventually make a promoted post on the website Imgur. There’s a large fan base there probably and it would be definitely worthwhile.

I would suggest, making a pvp contest. And it’s being monitored by a MS AoE Expert. I forget his name, but he used to stream A LOT of AoEO (if people rem his name by all means share the name) What this would mean, is that by the end of the beta, they could announce a “Beta Tournament” Basicly, the best of the best in the BETA stage of players.

Face each other, in a epic yet a entertaining match phase.
Say you have to qualify and they can only accept 12 players in the Tournament, thus Qualifiers. In the qualifiers u have best of 3 games, or a single elimination depending on what the Tournament admins wants to do.

What does the winner get for whoever gets 1st place? Nothing! Only but glory and recognition!


Have fun, and bring Publicity for the game! As well, as a say interview of the losers/winners of the qualifiers and the champion?

Ask them what they think of the game, and what they look forward to the release for etc. This would bring so much publicity u have no idea!