Markets should be completely deleted from most duel maps

Just have a game where my opponent wall up and have infinity resources.

So I figure out people don’t need brain to have good economic in AOE IV, all you have to do is build a market and secure routes.

Especially it concerns civs who have landmark which also produce infinite food\wood\gold (French).

There’re way too much resources for free in favor turtle players.

I would love to see that game.
I 1v1 it highly depends on the map, but there are several counter play options to stop trade boom so it might be worth it to check what you could have done better instead of blaming a mechanic of the game.


I don’t know your level, but to be honest, trading is very hard. Very vulnerable, hard to defend and expensive. Until now trading wasn’t even used that much in 1 v 1 because it was an instant way to lose. Scouting is very important, as trading is very slow, you can catch them anytime. If the enemy made a long wall, it’s really hard to defend the whole line, so you can attack it on many parts.

Trading is expensive and needs time to make a profit, if your scouting is good, you can attack the traders with 2-3 horsemen and you can make a serious hit immediately