Maryland Challenge Issue

I can’t get the challenge to complete. I played 3 matches (clicking Begin each time), one swedish, one ditch, one Russian, and built a church each time. Is the challenge bugged or am I doing something wrong?


Wait until tomorrow maybe

I’m fairly certain it’s the challenge. I wouldn’t be able to start a match if I maxed out the day (when I’m maxed out for the day there’s a pop-up). So I’m either doing something wrong or it’s bugged.

Thank you so much for the reports, we are aware that players are having issues completing mission 7 Maryland. The team is currently investigating this issue and we will update on it as soon as we can.


Same problem here. Even played as the Japanese and I built a monastery as well as a church (from a wagon) in the same game. No checkmark.

I have built 3 churches with 5 civs two times each and wont complete.

Is there a limit to how many challenges you can complete in a day>?

try to resing or win each 1 of

I just did another civ and no love

yeah only 3 a day, it gives you an alert when you try to start a fourth

makes me think you’re not clicking begin first?

Definelty cliking begin. I just finished my 4th one today and it was the first time i played the sweeds.

I finally shows i completed the challenge.

and oh yeah, I didn’t finish i resigned